h2h Recruitment Candidate Referral Scheme - April 2014

• Once you accept these T’s & C’s, you will have joined the h2h Recruitment Candidate Referral Scheme. You may then refer candidates ad-hoc through the ‘Refer’ page on the h2h Recruitment website.

• If any referred candidate is already known to h2h Recruitment (defined by a recent approach and/or regular or recent dialogue) your referral will not count.

• Any referral must include the candidate’s name, contact details and current or most recent employer.

• If a referral results in a successful placement, you will be paid a fee as follows:

Basic Salary Fee
Up to £50,000 £500
From £50,001 to £75,000 £750
Over £75,000 £1000

• Once h2h Recruitment has been paid its fee by the hiring company, you will be paid your fee by h2h Recruitment either by cheque or directly to you using online banking.

• Your fee will be paid either to you personally as a lump sum as a 'Candidate Referral Fee' or to you as a self-employed person or to your company, in which case an invoice will be required. If you need to charge VAT, you’ll need to submit an invoice which states your VAT number. In any event, it is up to you to make your own arrangements re: tax, etc., if applicable, for the fee(s) you receive from h2h Recruitment.

•Your referral will remain 'tagged' to you for 12 months for any vacancy that h2h Recruitment introduces to the referred candidate.

• h2h Recruitment reserves the right to terminate this scheme and/or your involvement in it at any time.

• h2h Recruitment reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

• You may cease your involvement in this scheme at any time simply by emailing a request to do so.

• h2h Recruitment will never divulge any information regarding you being the source of any particular referrals unless you specifically request for that to happen.

• In the event of a dispute, h2h Recruitment’s decision will be final.

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